5X Textile Lab-A Social Enterprise

Fleurieu Made exists to create awareness and understanding of the problems
of fast fashion and textile waste by increasing knowledge of artisanal skill,
sustainable material supply and local manufacturing

The 5X Textile Lab, initiated by Fleurieu Made, aims to transform the Australian fashion and textile landscape by advocating for circular economy principles: make, repair, recycle, repurpose and rethink. Addressing the urgent problem of textile waste and unsustainable manufacturing, our project focuses on innovation, sustainability and social impact.
Targeting underserved communities, we aim to develop skills and raise awareness about sustainable fashion, contributing significantly to regional economic and environmental health. Our approach is innovative, scalable and replicable, offering a model for transformation that can be adopted nationwide, further aligning with the global movement towards more sustainable textile industries.

You can find Angelina's Resume here 

You can find the 5X Textile Lab Video Introduction here

and the 5XTextile Lab Business Case here