Difficulty Index Described

The design and manufacture of items is sometimes a complex process. There are many designs that can be readily made into a machine knit pattern without too much prototyping, but most designs need at least 2 prototypes before I can be sure that the written pattern will translate across sizes and yarn types. 

As a result, I now add the design and manufacture difficulty as an index to the price. For instance, the Ribbed Cowl is relatively straighforward design and in manufacture and so it receives 1 and 1. It still takes about 1/1/2 hours but I can listen to a podcast while I'm making it so it doesn't take all of my concentration.

A patterned and fully fashioned vest however, requires multiple prototypes, gauge swatches and final finishing inspections before I know that the design is repeatable. Even then, the manufacture requires all of my attention so it receives 3 and 3. You may notice that there aren't any vests on sale yet. That is because I'm still testing!! 

Here is the index

Product Design Difficulty
1 - translating the design to a knit pattern is simple
2 - there is a fair amount of maths involved in translating the design to a knit pattern
3 - the knit pattern needs to be checked with a swatch for each yarn to ensure that the final size will be correct

Product Manufacture Difficulty
1 - once the machine is set, there is very little manipulation required ( I can listen to a podcast)
2 - the product needs a reasonable amount of manipulation throughout (I can listen to acoustic music)
3 - the product is complex and requires full attention (rounds of complete silence and concentration for this one)