Workplace Wellbeing Wardrobe - Collab4Good Accelerator Program

The central hypothesis of this research is that fashion can be used as a platform to investigate sustainable practices more broadly.

"By engaging employees in creative, sustainable fashion practices through creative, connective, team building activities, organisations can simultaneously promote team building, employee connection, and environmental responsibility, leading to improved recruitment, retention, and overall organisational performance."

If you have signed up you will have already received 5 questions to consider for our interview. These will give me insights into your current practices. One last question will help me to better understand future practices.

  1. What concerns or hesitations, if any, does your organization have about investing in a sustainable fashion workshop program like the one proposed?

Your insights will help me to better understand  organisational priorities, resources, culture, and potential challenges or barriers related to implementing a sustainable fashion workshop program.

If you are able to provide 30 minutes for an interview, please schedule here!

Coming Soon -  Workplace Wellbeing Wardrobe Workshops