Our curated bundles

As a micro enterprise we are committed to sustainable fashion practices. As with many Australian craft-based enterprises, we run Fleurieu Made in between other work that pays the bills.  To ensure long term sustainability, we curate bundles of products, considering where and how you will wear them. 

Curating bundles allows us to design a Fashion System
A Fashion System is a growing trend that aligns fashion design and production with consumption thereby making it part of the circular economy. This means that we work together to curate colourways that form part of the way that you as consumer and we complement each other aesthetically and thematically.

Bundles allow us to create sustainable production processes by planning and creating items in larger quantities. This reduces waste and minimizes the environmental impact associated with smaller, individual orders. It allows us to better manage our time, optimize materials, reduce energy consumption and postage and handling costs. 

Bundles help us to maintain fair pricing  - by curating a system from our existing yarns we can focus on manufacture rather than sourcing yarns.  This creates better value of our time for you! To assist, we have signed up with Afterpay so that you can take advantage of receiving the goods and paying them off over time. 

Bundles can enhance your experience by providing a complete and cohesive offering. By bundling complementary products, we can create a more immersive and satisfying experience for you. This is why we name the bundles based on the activities we imagine you will wear them for. The products come together to meet a specific need through the provision of high quality, thoughtfully designed products. 

Ultimately, bundles allow us to maintain and grow a sustainable artisanal practice. They promote sustainable production, optimize resources, ensuring fair pricing, showcase artistic cohesion, and enhance your  experience. 

We do hope that you will choose this option.