Collection: From Fleece to Feet: Carding and Circular Knitting Workshop

The workshop aims to introduce high school students to the fascinating world of wool processing. You will learn the basics of carding raw fleece and experience the joy of circular knitting. By the end of the session, you will have a deeper understanding of how yarn is created from fleece and how circular knitting machines work.

Duration: 30 minutes.

Group Size: Each workshop will accommodate 15 students.

What you will be introduced to: 

  • Raw Wool Fleece: Small amounts of raw wool fleece for hands-on activities.
  • Hand Carders: Demonstrate how to use hand carders effectively.
  • Circular Knitting Machines: the basics of circular knitting machines.
  • Pre-Spun Wool Yarn: Use pre-spun yarn for the knitting machines.

Workshop Breakdown

A brief introduction to the workshop—transforming raw fleece into knitted fabric.
Safety and Instructions: Highlight safety measures for carding and using the circular knitting machines.

Exercise: step up
Call out for Ambassadors – wool farms, textiles, sewists, knitters

Segment 1: Carding the Wool (10 minutes)
You will be shown how to use the hand carder to prepare wool. You will then divide into small groups.  where you will have a turn at carding a small amount of wool.

Segment 2: Circular Knitting (12 minutes)
We will explain how circular knitting machines work and then, working in groups you will take turns using the circular knitting machines. 

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