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Fine Knit Legwarmers

Fine Knit Legwarmers

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Fine Knit Legwarmers | Fleurieu Made

There is something particularly special about fine knit legwarmers. They are made on an 1890s cast iron sock machine and the history of the machine somehow comes out in the final product. I love making these! They are 60cm long and stretch.

  • Machine Knitting: Knitted on the Money Maker sock machine, the fine knit legwarmers are knit in the round in one piece.
  • Artisan Finishing: the legwarmers are hand-finished, washed and ironed. Tags are added by hand highlighting our commitment to quality and artisanal detail.

Care Instructions: Hand wash only to maintain the quality and integrity of the yarn.
For more information on how to care for knitwear, please see Brooklyn Tweed Resources. who have given us permission to link to their resources. 

How to Purchase:

  1. Select Your Product: You can purchase the Fine Knit Legwarmers alone or as part of a curated bundle that includes other items designed to complement your style.
  2. Checkout Process: Checkout with your selected product or bundle. For bundles, please use the bundle icon.
  3. Customize Your Colour: After selecting your product or a bundle, please check out.  On receipt of your purchase, we will contact you to finalise your preferred colour. We will then blend yarns from our diverse stock to craft your item.
  4. Shipping: We manufacture within two weeks and ship directly to you, ensuring a personal touch with every order.

Note: As we only use vintage yarns, if your requested colour is unavailable, we will try and source something on the second-hand market. If we cannot find your colour we will cancel the order. Alternatively, if you have specific yarns (at least 60% natural fibre) you’d like us to use, we can arrange for shipment and create a custom piece just for you.

Embrace Artisanal Luxury with Fleurieu Made: Choose our Fine Knit Legwarmers to add artisanal elegance to your wardrobe, or opt for a curated bundle to enhance your style with perfectly matched accessories. Experience the blend of tradition and innovation that Fleurieu Made brings to every piece.

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